The 30-Day F*ckboy Cleanse


Take a 30-day break from dating to reset your love life. Learn exactly what you need to do to break free from your cycle of dating shitty men, bad dating decisions and disappointment!


Hey, babe! Have you been suffering from dumb bitch syndrome when it comes to the male species? Join the club, sis. It’s okay. We are taking back control and are gonna work to stop making dumb ass decisions. You are going to learn your worth and how to respect yourself so much you never waste your time with f*ckboys, losers, and inconsiderate men again.

Over this 30 day dating break, you will work on yourself and build your self-worth so you’ll never tolerate disrespectful men again.

The Cleanse includes the Dating Manual that will teach you everything you need to know about red flags to look out for, keeping your standards high, and dating in this Tinder generation.

You will also be journaling every day to do some much-needed reflecting on your past dating choices and thinking about what you want your future dating life to look like.

A Cleanse wouldn’t be complete without going over our past relationships and mistakes! So, I created the “Ex Diaries” to help you think about your ex-boyfriends, hookups, and situationships.

Finally, we get to the best part and we think about what your dream guy looks like. The “Manifesting Mr. Right” pages will help you get super freaking clear on the kind of man you truly want.

All of the journal pages are fillable so you can type right on the PDF! It doesn’t get any easier!

The 30-Day F*ckboy Cleanse

– The Dating Manual
– 30 Days of Guided Journal Prompts
– The Ex Diaries
– Manifesting Mr. Right
– Peace, self-confidence, and boss b*tch energy!!

If you’re ready to upgrade your dating life and to stop embarrassing yourself with asshole men then grab the 30-Day F*ckboy Cleanse and change your love life forever.

This is the self-help book you never knew you needed. Chase your glow, babe!



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