Is Breakup Coaching for Me?

My breakup services are designed to help you:

Heal after a breakup and recover faster

Emotionally detach and move on from your ex 

Work on your mindset and seeing things from different perspectives

Overcome limiting beliefs

Rebuild your self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence 

Find clarity about yourself 

Design a long-term plan to live your best life and achieve your post-breakup glow up 

Discover what will truly make you feel fulfilled and happy 

If you want help with any of that then YES breakup coaching is for YOU! 

Start your recovery journey with me and let’s makeover your life together!

Free 10-minute consultation if you are unsure what service is best for you! Click the button to chat with me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

For booking please inquire or DM me @breathehustleglow so we can see if we are a good fit for one another. If so, we will take it from there!

Breakup Accountability Partner

When you know that the breakup was necessary and you just need some extra support


5-minute daily text check-ins

Encouragement to stick to the no-contact rule

Positive Quote or Affirmations 

Really just making sure you haven’t gone completely off the deep end 


Breakup Buddy

When you need a friend and non-judgmental listening ear more than a coach


You need a judgment-free place to talk through your feelings 

You don’t want to vent to your friends for the 79th time this week

Need a pep talk to remind you that you’ll survive this

You want some guidance or breakup advice

You need someone to stop you from begging your ex to love you again

45-minute text chat session

$50/session or $225/5 sessions

Breakup Coaching Package

You are really struggling to move on after the breakup and need help reclaiming your happiness 

One weekly 45-minute text chat session

Unlimited texting/emailing between sessions (Guaranteed at least one response per day)

Assigned activities to do to help your healing process 

A personalized long-term plan to achieve your ultimate post-breakup glow up

Social media strategy to avoid unwanted reminders of your ex

Book, podcast and article recommendations 

Constant support, encouragement, and positivity to achieve your goals

Must be willing to take action to see change & want to move on

Free Copy of the Forget Your Ex Breakup Workbook 


Good Morning Gorgeous Texts

This is a unique service that I had to add because I really just missed having someone text me good morning. 


A good morning text to start your day and put a smile on your face

A temporary solution to full the void until you start healing fully and realize you don’t actually need good morning texts 

If this keeps you from texting your ex, then it’s worth it! 


SOS Email

When you want quick, one-time advice on what the heck to do about something 


Advice on dating, relationships, breakups, healing, or self-love 

Need perspective on a situation or a reality check

Write to me in detail what the situation is and I will give you a thorough response 

Don’t be shy! I need all the tea to give you the best advice I can 

I don’t bullshit people so expect my honest opinion always