How to Heal After A Dating A Narcissist Even If You Think You’ll Never Recover

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Are you still sad, angry and confused after your toxic relationship and struggling to fully move on with your life? 

Or are you…

  • Struggling to accept that you were in a toxic or emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissist? 
  • Wondering why you stayed in a shitty relationship for so damn long?
  • Constantly feeling sad, anxious, broken, hopeless or angry after your breakup?
  • Battling obsessive thoughts and flashbacks of your narcissistic ex?

You are not alone! So many women have trouble fully recovering after a toxic relationship. It’s not easy! 

What were you like before you met your toxic ex? I bet you were ambitious, fun-loving, trusting, and happy!

Where did that woman go? 

The real you faded away the longer you dealt with gaslighting, love-bombing, and emotional abuse. Narcissistic men will literally suck the life force out of you.

But you know what? Fuck that! It’s time to get yourself back. It’s time to rescue your true self and reclaim your life.

My name is Kay Zane and I know firsthand just how badly a toxic relationship can screw up your life, lower your self-worth and destroy your emotional health.


I was a shell of the person I once was after dealing with constant insults, accusations and manipulation from my ex for years.


(But seriously peep my glow up!!)

After my breakup, I literally had no idea who I was. I didn’t recognize the person I had become.

I failed to realize just how damaged I was and had absolutely no idea how to fix it.

Sound familiar?

I went around for a year keeping my pain to myself and trying to repress my negative feelings.

During this hard time I learned a MAJOR lesson: Time does NOT heal all things.

I still felt like shit a year later because I never acknowledged the severity of abuse I had endured.

Healing and recovering after a toxic relationship is an ACTIVE process. If you are in pain right now, you need to actually take action to release the hurt and allow yourself to get on with your life.

Once I realized that sitting around hoping that I would magically feel better one day wasn’t getting me anywhere, I put in the work.

I made up my mind to pick myself up, dust off my crown, and remember who the hell I was. 

No more pity parties. No more repressed pain. No more angry thoughts and resentment. No more thinking about my ex.

Getting myself back after all these years was the best thing I could ever do.

I found my spark and love for life again. I rediscovered my passions and what makes me happy. I learned how to be happy alone and thrive living the #singlelife.

Most importantly, I learned how to love myself again after putting myself through hell.

Now, it’s your turn to do the same.

If you want to…

  • Move past all the cruel words and awful things your ex put you though
  • Let go of all the pain, anger and sadness you’ve been carrying around
  • Be able to breathe again and feel at peace with yourself
  • Love yourself enough to never accept less than you deserve EVER again

Then it’s time for a change.

It’s time for you to RESCUE YOURSELF from the sad, low place you are in right now. 

It’s time for you to INVEST IN YOUR OWN HAPPINESS after putting yourself second for so long.

It’s time to GLOW TF UP!


From Wrecked to Rescued: Heal From Narcissistic Abuse, Rebuild Your Self-Worth and Reclaim Your Own Damn Life

This course is designed to help you overcome the trauma of your toxic relationship and transform into the happiest, healthiest, most self-fulfilled version of yourself. 

With my signature Royal Rescue Protocol you will save yourself from the dungeon of despair you are in right now, learn how to channel your inner Queen energy and become the happy woman you deserve to be.

You will undergo several transformations during this course!

Downplaying your emotional abuse → Overcoming and healing your mental and emotional damage

Constantly replaying and reliving the past → Focusing on your future and developing your Queen mindset

Making excuses for a man’s bad behavior → Loving yourself so much that you’ll never put up with a man’s bullshit again

For only $197 you can join the course that will finally allow you to heal and move on!

This is the first time I am launching this course! So, you have the awesome opportunity to be a Beta Participant and help me shape the course with your valuable feedback!!

Along With the Course, You Also Get…

  • Personalized Welcome Emails from Me! I want to know your story! (Value $65)
  • A Free Copy of my F*ck Your Ex Breakup Workbook (Value $15)
  • Entry into a private Facebook group of other supportive women taking the course (Value Priceless!)

I will never be offering this course plus personalized, 1:1 attention at this price again!! Space is limited to allow me to give all students 100% attention so grab your seat now!

If it is your time to finally let go of all that emotional baggage weighing your heart down and set yourself free, enroll now! 


It is time to finally let go of the anger, resentment and pain you have been suffering with! How much is that worth to you? Don’t stay stuck in the same place or take years to get over your relationship when you have an opportunity to heal and glow up!

What to Expect In The Program:

A new video released every week delivered in the Facebook group

Weekly assignments to implement your learning

Journal prompts to help your healing process

Email check-ins and personalized advice from me

Unconditional support, compassion and understanding

Invest in your emotional recovery for only $197!


Module 1: Slay Your Dragon

Lesson 1: Post-Breakup Protocol

    • What behaviors will always prolong your breakup recovery process
    • How to stay strong enough to not break the no contact rule
    • Permanently letting go of the hope that he may change one day

Lesson 2: Exposing Toxic

    • Understanding toxic and narcissistic men
    • The effects emotional abuse has on you
    • Accepting that there was something wrong with HIM, not YOU

Lesson 3: Break Down to Build Up

    • How to be honest about the emotions you’re experiencing 
    • Healthy ways to release your negative emotions
    • Why repressing your feelings is detrimental to your recovery

Module 2: Dust Off Your Crown

Lesson 4: Queen Mindset Training

    • Rejecting the lies your ex told you about yourself
    • How to raise your self-worth so you know when to cut people off
    • Setting standards for what you deserve

Lesson 5: Love Yourself 

    • Protecting yourself from triggers 
    • Learning self-compassion and self-forgiveness
    • Establishing a self-care routine to prioritize yourself

Lesson 6: Limiting Belief Banishment

    • Being honest about your limiting beliefs
    • Strategies to overcoming negative thinking
    • Seeing how childhood experiences can affect your present relationships

Module 3: Reclaim Your Throne

Lesson 7: Find Your Spark Again

    • Set short-term and long-term goals and start crushing them
    • Focus on your passions and discover new hobbies & interests
    • Going on solo dates and getting to know yourself

Lesson 8: King Material

    • Red flags you should look out for out
    • How to not ignore red flags when you see them
    • Green flags you should look for in a great guy

Lesson 9: Stay Golden

    • How to step into your power and take control of your life once and for all
    • How to deal with emotional setbacks or slip ups
    • Step into your power and take control once and for all
    • Radiate with your new Queen energy!!


Can this program actually work for me? 

If you are willing to commit to yourself, watch the videos, complete the assignments and stay engaged for the whole course, then yes it can. You also have to want to move on from your ex and truly want to end that chapter of your life. I can’t put in the work for you but I am dedicated to seeing you thrive again after your toxic relationship. We are in this together! 

How will the course be delivered? 

Videos and coursework will all be posted in the course Facebook group. 

It’s been a while since my breakup, is this for me?

Most definitely! There is no time limit on your healing process. If you are still suffering from a toxic relationship it’s because you haven’t properly healed yourself or your trauma. This program will help you understand why you can’t seem to move on and finally get you on the path to emotional freedom. 

Why can’t I just google “how to get over a breakup?”

Girl, you don’t think I tried that?? Lol! Toxic relationships are NOT like normal relationships. Women that come out of toxic relationships feel more than just sad or upset. The pain runs so much deeper. You feel broken, lost, angry and spiteful. You experienced so much verbal and emotional abuse that it impacted your mental and emotional health. You can’t just google some normal breakup tips because what you’re dealing with is not a normal relationship. You need a clear pathway to getting over your trauma which is what this course provides.

When will the program start?

The program is scheduled to start on August 30th if there is enough interest! If not, you will be refunded. 

I have more questions! How can I reach you? 

You can email me at